About Us

NextInput provides MEMS-based force sensing solutions for touch enabled devices in markets such as consumer, wearable, IoT, automotive, industrial, medical and many other applications.

Our Mission

It is our mission to bring 3D touch solutions to market and enable the next generation of intuitive user interface (UI)

Our Quality Policy

Quality Differentiates Our Brand

  • Customers recognize and reward companies that exceed expectations
    • nextinput will utilize external feedback from customers, Suppliers and Distributors for our improvement initiatives.
    • Compliance to Statutory or Regulatory requirements in the markets we are pursuing is a company mandate.
  • Quality must be built in
    • Nextinput will utilize internal feedback from our assessment and analysis activities for our improvement initiatives.
  • Continuous Quality Improvements Ensure Our Success
    • Improvements are achieved through prevention, detection and effective corrective action that includes our Suppliers.

Our Environmental Policy

As a socially responsible and progressive enterprise, NextInput will utilize technology, methods and means to minimize our business impact on the environment. NextInput is committed to meeting or exceeding all local, state, and federal environmental requirements.