Steve Nasiri, Angel Investor at Band of Angels & Principal at Nasiri Ventures: Mr. Nasiri has been a serial entrepreneur in MEMS and Semiconductor industry. His most recent venture was InvenSense, which he founded in 2003 and served as the President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairmen from inception until October of 2012. Under his leadership, the company became the pioneer and global market leader in motion tracking solutions for motion-based user interfaces in consumer electronics including smartphones, tablets, game consoles, and wearable electronics. In November 2011, Mr. Nasiri took the company through its initial public offering (IPO) on New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the symbol INVN and soon after achieved over $1 billion in market cap. Mr. Nasiri and the Band of Angels are currently investors in NextInput.

Kurt Petersen, PhD., Serial MEMS Entrepreneur: Dr. Petersen is the “godfather of MEMS”, an MIT trained scientist who was a pivotal thought leader and business leader at the dawn of the MEMS industry three decades ago. Dr. Petersen founded six MEMS-based companies in Silicon Valley between 1982 and today – Transensory Devices, NovaSensor, Cepheid (Nasdaq: CPHD), SiTime, Verreon, and Profusa. Each of these companies have become technical and commercial leaders in the field of MEMS devices and applications. Dr. Petersen advises NextInput on business strategy, R&D strategy, recruitment of key team members, and fundraising.

Philip Monego, Sr., Serial Entrepreneur and Investor: During his extensive career as a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and investor, Philip has led a string of highly successful companies, including The ImagiNation Network (sold to ATT), NetChannel (acquired by AOL), Yahoo! (YHOO), Mediabolic (Sold to ROVI), Digimarc, (DMRC), CaféPress (PRSS), and many others. Today, Philip manages an investment firm and serves on the board of directors of StartGrid, Inc., an early-stage company developing an online network that links entrepreneurs to the resources and relationships they need to build successful, scalable companies and The California Historical Radio Society, which seeks to preserve the early radio and broadcasting technology. Philip advises NextInput on business strategy, recruitment of key team members, and fundraising.

Oliver Brand, Phd., MEMS Specialist: Dr. Brand is a professor of Microelectronics at Georgia Tech and a world-renowned expert on MEMS device design. Dr. Brand has co-authored more than 120 publications in scientific journals and conference proceedings. His research interests are in the areas of CMOS-based microsystems, microsensors, MEMS fabrication technologies, and microsystem packaging. Dr. Brand advises NextInput on technical matters related to the ForceTouch system.

Michael Slawson, Founder CEO of Qualtre: Mike is a successful startup CEO, venture capitalist, and Kauffman Fellow. Most recently, Mike helped found Qualtre, a venture backed Boston company developing MEMS based inertial sensors. Mike advises NextInput on management and technical matters related to NextInput’s MEMS force sensitive touch surface solutions.