Making cars safer to drive.

Our force sensing HMI enables intuitive, gapless designs while eliminating unintended function triggers, thus making cars safer to drive.

Enabling sleek ID.

Imagine a seamless, buttonless door panel! Our advanced force sensing solutions give you the power to safely and naturally navigate through your car with customizable thresholds and haptic feedback.

Enhancing your cabin experience.

No need to take your gloves off to interact with your display or dashboard. Our force sensing solutions work with any surface (glass, plastic, wood, metal, etc.) and with any input ( glove, wet fingers, stylus, etc.)

Replace Mechanical Buttons

  • Most reliable
  • Longest lifetime
  • Seamless/gapless

Multi-Level ForceTouch

  • Intuitive
  • Responsive

Reliable in Any Environment

  • Embedded force-sensor is weather proof and interfaces to any material
  • Interface to any input, wet or dry; glove or finger