Making industrial control panels easier to use.

Replace mechanical buttons with our force-sensor solution and gain >10x greater reliability. In addition, our solid-state buttons are waterproof, thus eliminate costly plastic laminates.

Making medical equipment safer.

Our force sensors are placed behind any material; glass, plastic, metal, carbon, etc, and interface to any input; finger, glove or stylus. Our solution eliminates costly plastic covers that age and turn color over time.

Waterproof, weatherproof banking machines.

Our force-sensor solution interfaces to any material; glass, metal, plastic, carbon, etc and eliminates expensive mechanical buttons. Our solution interfaces to any input, wet or dry; finger, glove, prosthesis, etc.

Making commercial appliances more reliable.

We replace mechanical buttons, switches and dials with our solid-state force-sensor solution. Because our sensor is placed behind the touch interface, we eliminate sources for grease, water, or dirt build-up common in mechanical buttons & dials, resulting in longer operating life and reduced repair service costs.

Enable ForceTouch in Stainless Steel Applications

  • Works with any material and thickness
  • Enable new industrial design options

Most Reliable Industrial Button

  • Solid state reliability
  • Gapless & waterproof

Pathogen Free, Long-Life Button Solution

  • Eliminate plastic laminated buttons
  • Eliminate sources where pathogens reside in mechanical buttons and trackballs
  • Interface to any input; glove, finger, stylus, or other