Making industrial control panels easier to use.

Replace mechanical buttons with our force-sensor solution and gain >10x greater reliability. In addition, our solid-state buttons are waterproof, thus eliminate costly plastic laminates.

Making medical equipment safer.

Our force sensors are placed behind any material; glass, plastic, metal, carbon, etc, and interface to any input; finger, glove or stylus. Our solution eliminates costly plastic covers that age and turn color over time. The result is an easy to clean, reliable touch surface that eliminates sources for pathogens to reside.

Waterproof, weatherproof banking machines.

Our force-sensor solution interfaces to any material; glass, metal, plastic, carbon, etc and eliminates expensive mechanical buttons. Our solution interfaces to any input, wet or dry; finger, glove, prosthesis, etc.

Making commercial appliances more reliable.

We replace mechanical buttons, switches and dials with our solid-state force-sensor solution. Because our sensor is placed behind the touch interface, we eliminate sources for grease, water, or dirt build-up common in mechanical buttons & dials, resulting in longer operating life and reduced repair service costs.

Enable ForceTouch in Stainless Steel Applications

  • Works with any material and thickness
  • Enable new industrial design options

Most Reliable Industrial Button

  • Solid state reliability
  • Gapless & waterproof

Pathogen Free, Long-Life Button Solution

  • Eliminate plastic laminated buttons
  • Eliminate sources where pathogens reside in mechanical buttons and trackballs
  • Interface to any input; glove, finger, stylus, or other