New industrial design options.

Replace physical buttons for a smaller, thinner, sleeker design.

Elevating the smartphone experience.

Place your Finger-Print Sensors (FPS) anywhere on the screen and eliminate false triggering withour force-sensing solution. Or, replace mechanical side buttons and add multi-levelactuation.

Use your wearable anywhere.

Swimmers can use the display in water, runners can touch the display with a finger or glove.

Turnkey HMI Solution

  • We provide the sensor + AFE + SW + electro-mechanical integration resources
  • Fastest time-to-market

Enable Smaller, Thinner Button Designs

  • Increase reliability >10x
  • Eliminate false triggering
  • Increase functionality with multi-level sensing/actuation

A Better Alternative to Capacitive or Resistive Touch

  • Interface to any material; glass, metals, carbon, ceramic, plastic, etc.
  • Works with any input: wet or dry, glove, finger, stylus