MEMS Force

FT-4000 & FT-7000 Families

The FT-4000 sensor family represents the highest performance, smallest size solution optimized for applications that require indirect force sensing such as LCD displays and other sensing solutions where the sensor must be placed at the perimeter of the touch area.

  • Smallest Footprint: 1.33 mm x 1.33 mm x 0.57 mm height
  • Requires Preload and stiff backing
  • CSP-5 Package
  • 5μA when interfacing with our AF-3068 AFE Family

Analog ASICs

AF-3000 Family

The FT-7000 sensor family is optimized for applications where the sensor can be directly applied to the surface of the touch interface, such as a glass panel, an OLED display, or leather, plastic, or metal material.

  • Ultra-small size: 1.33 mm x 1.33 mm
  • Smallest height: 0.22 mm
  • No pre-load required; adheres directly to touch surface
  • CSP-4 Package
  • 5μA when interfacing with our AF-3068 AFE Family

Integrated Force

DF-8000 Family

The NextInput AF-3068 family is an ultra-low power and high SNR single-channel Analog Front-End (AFE). It is designed to work with a broad range of industry sensors, including all NextInput force sensors.

  • Ultra-small 1.16 mm x 1.16 mm x 0.475 mm height
  • Ultra-low power with sensor duty-cycle control
  • CSP-9 Package
  • Interfaces directly to MCU through I²C
  • Programmable Interrupt thresholds