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Job Status:

Full time
Mountain View, California

Job Description:

As a MEMS Design Engineer, you will be responsible to design and bring to market disruptive new sensors to revolutionize the way consumers interact with their electronic devices.    By collaborating closely with CMOS designers, you will translate the MEMS model into electrical domain for overall performance that is 10x better than solutions currently available on the market.  You will participate in our device roadmap, inserting your vision as to where NextInput should go next.  As the device owner, you will take these concepts all the way through design, characterization, correlation, and mass production.



  • Expert in Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Competent in MEMS design of both piezo-resistive and piezo-electric sensing
  • Strong understanding in acoustics or optics is a plus



  • Drive new initiative roadmap projects
    • Study fundamental device limitation
    • Build POC systems
    • Identify model key design parameters for device performance
    • Conceptualize system architecture
  • Perform design work on existing force sensor roadmap products which includes
    • DFMEA analysis
    • Corner analysis over design parameters
    • Engineering art-work
    • Documentation of the design results
    • Correlation of characterization and simulation results to improve the model accuracy


Must-Have Attributes:

  • Team player
  • Good work ethics
  • Proven track record of innovation



  • Master’s Degree or PhD in MEMS


If interested, please email your resume and a cover letter (in email body) referencing this position to NextInput, Inc. at

About NextInput:

NextInput, Inc. provides market leading force sensing solutions to enable the next generation of intuitive, 3D human machine interface experience for a broad range of markets including Mobile, Wearable, IoT, Automotive, Medical and Industrial. The multi-billion unit touch enabled market is ripe for the adoption of force-based touch, for which NextInput has the best solutions in MEMS force sensing technology and algorithms.

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