MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA – November 12, 2019 – NextInput, Inc., the leader in MEMS-based sensing solutions, announced today the tenth smartphone model with its technology is in mass production. The 10 models have shipped in millions of units world-wide, with half of them being flagships. In these phones, NextInput enables in-display functionality, including 3-D screen for an immersive gaming experience, fingerprint sensor trigger and virtual home button.

Compared to the ultrasonic alternative, the NextInput solution is able to provide intent-enabled buttons and 90% lower power. Relative to the strain-gauge alternative, NextInput’s solution is 10x more sensitive and fabricated on a reliable semiconductor process, in contrast to customized printed ink. Both alternatives to NextInput suffer from assembly fallout in the order of thousands of PPM. NextInput is delivering unparalleled performance and is the only supplier of in-display force sensing solutions currently in mass production.

“I am pleased ten smartphone models have gone to mass production with our force sensing solutions, providing validation of our world-class quality,” says Ali Foughi, NextInput CEO and Founder. “The emerging trend in smartphones is interactive wrap-around displays which eliminate mechanical buttons. We are leveraging our proven in-display solutions to provide intent-enabled side buttons, preventing capacitive touch false triggers.”

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NextInput, Inc.headquartered in the Silicon Valley, provides MEMS-based sensing solutions for the Consumer, Automotive, Robotics, IoT, Medical and Industrial markets.

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