ATLANTA – Today, NextInput announced the availability of ForceTouch EVK-1s evaluation kits. EVK-1s is a single touch (four sensor) aluminum touchpad that is powered by NextInput hardware, firmware, and sensor technology. EVK-1s evaluation kits accuratly reproduce single touch events and can detect magnitude of force in addition to location of a touch. Applications include touchpads for mobile PCs, consumer electronic device interfaces, robotics, industrial and automotive controls, and interfaces for advanced medical devices.

NextInput ForceTouch EVK-1s

“We are proud to begin providing the EVK-1s kits to our customers and partners,” said CEO Don Metzger. “This day will mark an important milestone in the history of NextInput and touch technology in general.”

The company is planning a series of future kits based on ForceTouch, NextInput’s patent-pending force sensitive touch technology. Future kits will support multitouch (the ability to detect five or more touch points) and will include integration of ForceTouch technology into LCD and OLED displays.

About NextInput

NextInput is an Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) company founded by Georgia Tech engineers and business professionals. NextInput is developing the next generation of human input technology for electronic devices, and the company’s touch solutions solve a number of key pains in a rapidly growing, $6 billion industry.

NextInput solutions, including ForceTouch®, are less expensive, consume less power, and provide better user benefits than existing touch technology for smartphones, tablets, and large format touch displays. The company is forming charter partnerships now with world-class companies in the mobile and display space – by 2014, NextInput touch solutions will be commonplace in a wide variety of electronics products.