MILPITAS, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–NextInput Inc. announced today that it is sampling the world’s smallest ForceTouch solution. NextInput’s FT-4010F ForceTouch Sensor with proprietary software & algorithms enable a complete 1D, 2D, and 3D Touch experience in the consumer, industrial and automotive markets.

Available in a chip-scale package, the 1.3mm x 1.3mm x 0.63mm MEMS-based FT-4010F is the industry’s smallest force sensor, enabling use in all small form factor devices. Additionally, the FT-4010F features up to 5x the robustness and up to 10x higher sensitivity than competitive solutions. As the only solution in the market to measure force directly, ForceTouch achieves up to 10x better accuracy than solutions that measure force indirectly. Combining multiple ForceTouch sensors enable touch event location with better than 1mm resolution and measure applied force in the range of few grams to greater than one kilogram.

“NextInput’s mission is to enable an intuitive human interface experience in next-generation devices,” says Ali Foughi, NextInput CEO and Founder. “NextInput has introduced the world’s first MEMS force sensor in a chip-scale package. Our FT-4010F will disrupt the touch market and enhance the touch experience because it provides true force sensing, has exceptional sensitivity and robustness, and can be integrated into any form factor device.”

About NextInput

NextInput, headquartered in the Silicon Valley, provides MEMS-based force-sensing solutions for touch enabled devices in Consumer, Wearable, IoT, Automotive, Industrial, Medical and other applications.

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