MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA – January 9, 2019 – NextInput, Inc., the leader in MEMS-based sensing solutions, announced it is demonstrating 3D touch panels solely based on NextInput ForceTouch™ technology at CES 2019. Rather than the traditional approach of first obtaining the touch location from a capacitive touch controller, NextInput is now able to eliminate the capacitive subsystem entirely. NextInput’s breakthrough allows for both the triangulation of the touch location and measurement of the force level, at a system cost lower than capacitive solutions.

“We are essentially at the forefront of a broad-based displacement of capacitive touch technology,” says Ali Foughi, NextInput CEO and Founder. “We believe future 2D & 3D displays and touch panels will be input agnostic, operate in the presence of condensation and provide a more intuitive interface. We have solved these fundamental challenges by providing solutions with NextInput ForceTouch™ technology.”

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NextInput, Inc., headquartered in the Silicon Valley, provides MEMS-based sensing solutions for the Consumer, Automotive, IoT, Medical, Robotics, and Industrial markets.
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