Adoption of MEMS Force Touch in High Volume Wearable & Mobile Applications

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA – January 5, 2016 – NextInput, Inc. announced today that GoerTek Inc. has adopted NextInput’s ForceTouch® as an enabling technology to power its smartwatch products. GoerTek is a world-wide integrated solutions provider for consumer electronics and supports both ODM and OEM business models. According to third party estimates, the wearable market size is expected to grow from tens of millions to hundreds of millions of units over the next several years. The growth will be fueled by new use cases and enhanced consumer experience.

“GoerTek’s adoption of our technology validates the production readiness and market demand for our ForceTouch solution,” says Ali Foughi, NextInput CEO and Founder. “Due to superior performance, robustness and cost of our technology, we expect to see the adoption of MEMS ForceTouch in many wearable and mobile applications as we enable the market transition to 3D human interface. Our strategic partnership with GoerTek and other fast moving technology adopters enables us to bring a new and richer consumer experience to market.”

“NextInput’s unique MEMS-based ForceTouch solutions can be incorporated in many of our products, starting with our smartwatches and other wearable products where NextInput enables new control functions for an enhanced user experience,” says Long Jiang, GoerTek’s CEO. “We also intend to combine NextInput’s solutions with GoerTek’s linear vibration motor products to provide many unparalleled haptic features. We are very pleased to join forces with NextInput and believe this will lead to many fruitful successes ahead.”

About NextInput
NextInput, Inc. provides market leading force sensing solutions to enable the next generation of intuitive, 3D human interface experience for a broad range of markets including Mobile, Wearable, IoT, Automotive, Medical and Industrial. The multi-billion unit touch enabled market is ripe for the adoption of force-based touch, for which NextInput has the best solutions in MEMS force sensing technology and algorithms.

About GoerTek
GoerTek Inc., established in June 2001 and listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange, is an integrated solutions provider for consumer electronics OEMs world-wide. As one of China’s industry leading high-tech companies, GoerTek provides a wide range of products and services to world renowned OEMs, including Huawei, Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Sony, Google, Microsoft, Plantronics, Lenovo, etc.

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Ali Foughi, CEO & Founder
NextInput, Inc.