LAS VEGAS – NextInput, an Atlanta-based technology development company focused on creating new methods of human-machine interaction, announced today that it will be demonstrating a tablet using its ForceTouch® touch technology at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show.

The tablet demonstrates several of the key features of NextInput’s ForceTouch technology, including the ability to sense touch events from any object like a gloved finger or stylus and the ability to recognize “touch intent” – whether a user actually intended a touch or was merely brushing his or her finger across the touch surface.

“This tablet prototype shows off some of the game changing attributes of ForceTouch,” says NextInput founder and CEO Don Metzger. “With ForceTouch, we can provide smartphone, tablet, laptop, and virtually any manufacturer of touch enabled devices a lower power, more sensitive, more cost-effective, stylus-enabled touch technology solution.”

“Our ForceTouch tablet demo will form the basis of ForceTouch touchscreen evaluation kits,” stated Ian Campbell, NextInput COO. “These evaluation kits will be available at the end of Q1 for our OEM partners.”

NextInput plans to demonstrate the ForceTouch tablet proof-of-concept to invited guests at the company’s suite at the Bellagio. To request an invitation, please email [email protected].

Watch a short video showing the ForceTouch touch screen: