MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA – July 23, 2018 – NextInput, Inc., the leader in MEMS-based force sensing solutions, announced it has successfully achieved a new level of sensor performance, resulting in the world’s best solid-state button solution. NextInput’s breakthrough technology enables a super sensitive touch experience when actuating buttons. Furthermore, it can be used in challenging physical locations such as side buttons and buttons under display, delivering a seamless, waterproof end-product made from any material. Use cases include volume control, ON/OFF, function select, slider, and swipe while operating in wet conditions, in or out of water, or with a glove.

Fitness Watches and Smartphones are adopting this innovative solution which encompasses NextInput’s new ForceGauge™ sensor family, an ultra-low power analog front end, combined with new mechanical designs.

“There is a market trend to replace physical buttons with touch sensitive, solid-state alternatives, driven by the need for sleek industrial designs, smaller footprint, and waterproofing,” says Ali Foughi, NextInput CEO and Founder. “We’re on the forefront of enabling this paradigm shift with our new touch-sensitive button solutions.”

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NextInput, Inc., headquartered in the Silicon Valley, provides MEMS-based force sensing solutions for the Consumer, Automotive, IoT, Medical, Robotics and Industrial markets.

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